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Lukas Taylor  

Monetization offering for Piracy sites

Hey Guys,

Stop removing content, join our Monetization offering for Piracy sites to keep content on their site. Read about the new way to comply with copyrights, check out this recent write-up in

We are making the Youtube monetization model available to all websites, through automatic API's based around digital fingerprinting and access to more content databases to protect yourself and make more money. 

DigiRegs is the digital fingerprinting and API provider and takes 1 hour to implement. Our initial content producer is testing with a famous tube site, which has over 250 Million monthly users and has already done 56k video views or $30 in 5 hours in our 1st day and only 10% of the stolen content on the site. They are up to over $100 per day and growing to possibly $1k per day. As a result the content producer has submitted over 1,000 videos to this site to increase their presence on the site, full videos and promo videos. The video tube site gains by getting more content, and the content producer gains from additional revenue for this single ad zone trade off.

The ad unit provided is a video ad unit using Vast Tags and an Adhesion Float Script. The video AD that floats up in the right, the tube site/publisher gives to us 100% to monetize and pay out the content producers,. In exchange they let you keep certain content up, like full videos they allow. We can do this with all ads on the page, or select ones, and carve out a % for everyone to make money.

1. Tube owners can get revenue, currently they keep the other ad revenue and the content producer gets 100% of this new ad unit.
2. Content producers provide a temporary license through us for the TubeSite owner to utilize the content; right now its full videos and small clips.

Are you free for a call for us to follow up with you on this and answer any questions you might have?

Kind Regards, 


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